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Five riders will compete for Great Britain at the Games; three or four riders make up a team (four riders will compete for ParalympicsGB), with the final rider(s) riding as an individual.

Men and women compete against each other equally within their specific grades, with riders competing on their own horses.

Sport Details

The Rules

At the Paralympic Games, all athletes compete in three dressage tests: a team test, an individual championship test and a freestyle test (where athletes choose their own routine and set it to their own choice of music).

The results of the team and individual championship tests are added together to arrive at the overall team score, with the best three scores (from a team of four) counting. Individual medals are also awarded on the merit of both the individual championship test and the freestyle test. All riders, whether competing in a team or not, may ride in the team test.

All athletes compete together including the physically impaired and vision impaired, and men and women.

Riders may use permitted assistive devices (called compensating aids) such as dressage whips, connecting rein bars, looped reins, and the like. Visually impaired riders are permitted to use ‘callers’ to help them navigate around the arena.


They are divided into five classes depending upon the nature and extent of their impairment.

The level of difficulty of the test they perform is relative to their allocated grade.

Eligible impairment groups

Impaired muscle power Athetosis Impaired passive range of movement Hypertonia Limb deficiency Ataxia Leg length difference Short stature Vision Impairment

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