Jeanette Chippington

Jeanette Chippington MBE

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    Maidenhead, Berkshire

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  • Classification

    K1 KL1

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Jeanette is an outstanding Paralympic athlete having competed as a swimmer at five consecutive Paralympic Games; Seoul, Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney and Athens, winning a total of 12 medals before making a return to international sport at Rio 2016 in the new sport of Para-canoe. Atlanta was her most successful games where she won 2 Golds, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals and broke two World Records.

Jeanette took up paracanoeing after being nagged by a friend to try out the sport. In 2013, she won three gold medals at the World Championships in Duisberg, but later decided to focus on the KL1 200m event when it was announced that only Kayaks in her disability classification would be included in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. At the 2015 World Championships held in Milan, Chippington won gold in the KL1 200m, giving her a qualifying place for the 2016 Games in Rio.

She became Paralympic Champion in the KL1 200m at Canoe’s debut at the Rio 2016 Paralympics to win her 13th medal spanning an incredible 28 year career. She was awarded an (MBE) in the 2017 New Year Honours for services to canoeing.

In 2017 Jeanette achieved the Paracanoe ‘Grand Slam’ holding the Paralympic, European and World titles within the calendar year in the KL1 200m event.

Major Results

Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

  • KL1 200m: Gold

Athens 2004 Paralympic Games (Greece)

  • 4x50m Freestyle: Silver

Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games (Australia)

  • 4x100m Medley: Silver
  • 50m Freestyle S6: Bronze
  • 100m Freestyle S6: Bronze
  • 4x50m Medley: Bronze

Atlanta 1996 Paralympic Games (USA)

  • 100m Freestyle S6: Gold
  • 4x50m Freestyle S1-6: Gold
  • 50m Freestyle S6: Silver
  • 200m Freestyle S6: Bronze
  • 4x50m Medley S1-6: Bronze

Barcelona 1992 Paralympic Games (Spain)

  • 4x50m Medley S1-6: Bronze

Seoul 1988 Paralympic Games (South Korea)

  • 100m Backstroke L4: Silver

2018 World Championships, Mentomor-o-Velho, Portugal

  • VL2 200 metres: Silver
  • KL1 200 metres: Bronze

2017 World Championships, Racice, Czech Republic

  • KL1 200 metres: Gold

2016 World Championships, Duisburg, Germany

  • KL1 200 metres: Silver

2015 World Championships, Milan, Italy

  • KL1 200 metres: Gold

2014 World Championships, Moscow, Russia

  • K1 200m A: Gold
  • V1 200m A: Gold

2013 World Championships, Duisburg, Germany

  • K1 200m A: Gold
  • V1 200m A: Gold
  • 200m LTA: Gold

2012 World Championships, Poznan, Poland

  • K1 200m A: Gold
  • V1 200m A: Gold
  • 200m LTA: Gold

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