12 September 2018

BPA supports IPC call for progress on the reinstatement of Russia

BPA supports IPC

The British Paralympic Association (BPA) support the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) calls to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the Russian authorities to increase efforts to resolve the stalemate regarding the reinstatement of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency.

The BPA has fully supported the strong and clear position from the IPC with regards to the McLaren report and the subsequent suspension of the Russian National Paralympic Committee. While the majority of criteria for reinstatement have been met - two fundamental issues remain. These are the two criteria which WADA require for the reinstatement of RUSADA - a response to the McLaren report and access to the Moscow laboratory. It is on this that the IPC is now pushing for progress.

Helene Raynsford, Chair of the BPA Athlete Commission said: “The IPC criteria for reinstatement of the Russian Paralympic Committee is very clear. As athletes we want clean Russian athletes to be able to compete and following the suspensions for Rio and PyeongChang we would hope that progress could be made to allow them to represent their country in Tokyo. But there are some fundamental principles for clean sport which should give confidence to all athletes that they are competing in a fair and transparent system. WADA is right to remain firm on these criteria, but it is frustrating to see so little progress so far to resolve them.”

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