Lauren Steadman crosses the triathon finish line



Para Triathlon made its debut on the Paralympic programme at Rio 2016.

Athletes compete in three disciplines: 750m of Swimming, 20km of Cycling followed by a final 5km run.

Sport Details

The Rules

For the Cycling section of the race, athletes may use a tandem bicycle, handcycle or bicycle, while a wheelchair may be used for the final 5km run to the finish line.

Rules ensure that athletes who have visual impairments can be assisted by a guide without giving the athletes any unfair disadvantages.

Athletes compete in five classifications:

  • PTWC - Wheelchair users. Athletes use a handcycle on the bike course and a racing wheelchair on the run segment
  • PTS2 - Severe physical impairments – but able to run (women only)
  • PTS4 - Moderate physical impairments – but able to run (men only)
  • PTS5 – Mild physical impairments – but able to run
  • PTVI - Vision Impairment. Athletes compete with a sighted guide with the same nationality and gender throughout the race, including a tandem during the bike segment.

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