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Para badminton made its Games debut at Tokyo 2020, joining wheelchair tennis and table tennis as one of three racket sports taking place at the Paralympic Games.

Athletes compete in men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles and mixed doubles. The sport is played indoors with a net across the middle of the court and follows the same scoring format as Olympic badminton.

Sport Details

The Rules

A match consists of the best of three sets, with each set won by the first player to score 21 points. After scores reach 19 points, a side must be two points clear of their opponent to secure the win. Scoring reaches an upper limit of 30 points – so a game can be won at 30-29.

Points are scored when a player wins a rally; the player winning the point also secures serve.

In the wheelchair singles and SL3 classes a half court is used for play, with the area in front of the service line, near to the net, out of bounds.

A full court is used for the SL4, SL5 and SL6 classes and all doubles matches. The height of the net is the same for all classes.

Athletes are classified in one of six classes.

There are two classes for wheelchair athletes (WH1 and WH2); three for standing athletes with limb impairments (SL3, SL4, SU5) and one for athletes of short stature (SH6).

The following events are currently included in the Paralympic Games programme:

· Singles WH1 (Men/Women)

· Singles WH2 (Men/Women)

· Singles SL3 (Men)

· Singles SL4 (Men/Women)

· Singles SU5 (Men/Women)

· Singles SH6 (Men/Women/Mixed)

· Doubles WH (Men/Women)

· Doubles SL/SU (Women/Mixed)

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