Scott Meenagh made it back-to-back top-ten finishes in the biathlon as he equalled his best ever Paralympic result in the middle distance event.

Finishing ninth overall in a time of 33:11.7, Meenagh matched the result of Saturday’s sprint biathlon with two more races still to come for the 32-year-old.

But there was disappointment for teammate Callum Deboys who finished in 18th position.

Scott Meenagh competing in the middle distance biathlon

“That was a really fun race today, I enjoyed every moment of it. There was a lot of misses out there which kept it very competitive, disappointed to have joined the group with all those misses, but that’s biathlon,” said Meenagh.

“I felt like I skied really well and kept myself in the race right up until the very last lap and I think for me that’s all I can ask for is just to be in the conversation. The sun’s out and I really enjoyed it, feeling pretty inspired for the last couple of races out here in Beijing.

After two early misses on the shooting range, a clean second round kept Meenagh among the top of the field.

Finishing with four misses overall, Meenagh believes he can be in touching distance of an extraordinary result if he irons out his errors on the shooting range.


To be there consistently in that top 10 and tugging on the sleeves of the best of the world is something I’m really proud of.

Scott Meenagh

“On the shooting mat you’re talking millimetres, it’s fractions, in either direction and it can have such a drastic impact on your performance outcome. On the same side I’m frustrated that I can’t just push that over the line, but also really inspired by the fact that if it comes together it can be something really exciting.

“Two more opportunities of racing, one more which is a long biathlon so four shoots and it’s a chance to get on the mat and really put the processes down.”

“To be there consistently in that top 10 and tugging on the sleeves of the best of the world is something I’m really proud of and I think testament to the programme, the coaches and everyone who’s helped us get here today.”

A tough day on the range for Callum Deboys

As the medals have come pouring in for para alpine team, Meenagh was delighted to see Neil and Andrew Simpson reach the top of the podium, for whom he has a previous connection with prior to his time as a Paralympian.

“The one that really jumps out to me is Neil Simpson and Andrew Simpson, probably more so because they’re two young lads I actually took on a school trip a few years ago with Banchory Academy,” explained Meenagh.

“So I’d crossed paths with the boys when they were much younger and to see them go out there and lighten the world up has been really inspiring, especially when they maybe weren’t expecting to make as much of an impact and as much of a noise as early as they have, that’s really inspired me.”

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