2 October 2020

Parallel Club celebrates first anniversary

The Parallel Club celebrated its first year anniversary this month, and despite it being behind closed doors, there was still reason to look back over the rather eventful year and thank the members who have joined the club and the athletes who have welcomed them during this turbulent time.

Becoming part of the BPA family was a key focus for the Parallel Club, and we did not let the pandemic prevent this from happening. Our seven committed members, along with their families, have all received bespoke monthly video messages from ParalympicsGB athletes Natasha Baker, Kare Adenegan, Steve Brown and Dame Sarah Storey, as well as being invited to exclusive virtual events to hear from those involved in the charity sector and sporting world. Hearing first-hand from the athletes has allowed them to keep up to date with their training and behind the scenes information from Tokyo.

Clare Balding started the video series sending well wishes to everyone in April whilst they were in lockdown with their families. Although members should have been celebrating 100 days to go with Clare in person, they still have this to look forward to, among many other things as we approach the Games next Summer.

Claire Balding hosts at the Parallel Club launch event

The financial support every member brings is essential for the sustainability of the BPA. It is spread across a full four-year Paralympic Cycle, which includes both a summer and winter Games. We welcome members to join at any point and allow their membership to be paid in a way that works best for them, whilst involving them in activity over the full 4 years. This approach should continue to welcome members to the Club and the BPA family in the lead up to Paris 2024, Milan 2026, LA 2028 and beyond.

The Parallel Club aims to not only support the ParalympicsGB team, but really focuses on challenging perceptions of disability, to ensure all those living with impairments are included in all aspects of society.

If you would like to learn more about the Parallel Club, and become part of the ParalympicsGB family, please contact Stephanie Maddox, Philanthropy Manager on 07809 800 545 or Stephanie.Maddox@paralympics.org.uk

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