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Inaugural meeting of BPA’s Sport Advisory Group sharpens focus on Games preparations

on 09-06-2014 17:41

The British Paralympic Association (BPA) today held the first meeting of its Sport Advisory Group, which will provide strategic advice to influence and develop the BPA’s Paralympic Preparation Strategy for each Paralympic Games.

Through the establishment and implementation of a world class preparation environment, the BPA can fulfil its primary strategic objective of delivering the best prepared ParalympicsGB Team for each Paralympic Games.

Acknowledging the increasingly competitive nature of Paralympic sport at an international level, the Group’s priorities will include monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of various preparation strategies and providing accurate information regarding the preparation of the ParalympicsGB team to the BPA’s Board.

Additionally, the Group will also ensure that the BPA’s mission, vision and strategic priorities are central in the planning and implementation phases and ensure the effective use of resources while maintaining the BPAs high standard of world class activity.

The presence of Dave Clarke, the current Chair of the BPA’s Athlete Commission, also supports the BPA’s drive to promote and support an athlete-centred approach to planning across all areas of preparation.

"We’ve had in-depth discussions on some crucial aspects of our planning for Rio." Penny Briscoe

Penny Briscoe, BPA Director of Sport, said: “The Sport Advisory Group was set up to provide strategic advice around the preparation of the team and is a part of the BPA’s long-term ambition to be the best prepared team for each Paralympic Games. Today we have covered lots of ground and we’ve had in-depth discussions on some crucial aspects of our planning for Rio and some of our learnings from Sochi. I am very pleased with how this first meeting has gone.

"The knowledge and expertise that we had around the table today was absolutely world-class." Penny Briscoe 

“All of us at the BPA want to ensure we are doing the very best to support our sports and to develop the best ParalympicsGB team so we want to consult regularly with representatives from sporting organisations and from a range of sporting backgrounds. The knowledge and expertise that we had around the table today was absolutely world-class and ultimately the whole team in Rio will benefit from this.”

The Sport Advisory group comprises seven individual members. These are the BPA’s Director of Sport (Penny Briscoe), two current members of the BPA Board (Anna-Marie Phelps and Paul Masters), Chair of the BPA Athlete Commission (Dave Clarke), a representative from both the EIS (Jamie Pringle) and UK Sport (Michelle Hammond) and a Performance Director with experience in Paralympic sport, (Tim Jones, currently Head of Performance Pathway for British Swimming).

As an advisory body which is responsible to the Board, the group are set to meet at least three times a year to ensure that the organisation is on track during each Paralympic cycle.


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