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Mark Leach

Mark was a member of the 7 a side Football team for the 1992 Paralympic Games in Barcelona

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Mark was the Stuart Pearce of the Barca Paralympics.  He is still reminded about his penalty miss that cost GB a medal.

Following the Barcelona Paralympics Mark worked with the FA to set a lasting Paralympic legacy.  He became the first coach with cerebral palsy and in doing so opened the door to other disabled people to take up coaching.  There are now 500  disabled people who are coaches in England.

Mark assisted Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal to set up disability sections before giving up coaching to bring up a family.  Mark is now retraining as a Level 2 coach.  He is a Beaver Scout Leader and is in training for his black belt in Karate (with one functioning arm and leg)  and is an Associate tutor for Scope and Prince 2 Practitioner.

Mark lives in North London.  He studied at Oxford Brookes and the University of East London.

Date of Birth: 18/10/1963

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