Paralympians' Club

Jonathan Morris

Jonthan started skiing at the age of 10 and fell in love with the sport.

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On his first trip to the mountains he remembers seeing a leg amputee ski past and thought wow! How does he ski on one leg?

Five years later Jonathan found out he had cancer and had to have his left leg removed. One thing he knew for sure was that hed still be able to ski.

After meeting Mike Hammond, a truly inspirational character to him, he found out there were plenty other things he could do on one leg and soon started doing more things than hed ever done on two. Water skiing, flying planes, representing Great Britain, driving - the list went on and continues to do so.

Jonathan still continues to ski although he says the lycra ski racing suit unfortunately no longer fits! He now work as an Equality Officer promoting equality for disabled people and as a Peer support Broker helping disabled people achieve their goals. He has recently got an access auditing qualification and hopes to use this to promote inclusion and remove barriers faced by disabled and non- disabled people.

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